sure there may be enough genres these days to make your head spin, but the flip side is that artists don’t necessarily limit themselves to staying in just one vein. rampage is taking full advantage of all the identity crisis and mixing dubstep with jackin’ house with b-more on into a new pure hybrid, showcased on his new ep ‘war’ out on our favorite label nightshifters.

rampage – loving u is easy

a spoonful of bpm’s help the dubstep go down. haha, while i may not be the subgenre’s biggest fan, blatta & inesha sneak the deep bounce into this rampage track like a crushed pill in my applesauce and speed it up to smooth perfection. and of course nightshifters is there to chaperon the entire mixdown. quickly becoming the pacemaker for the musical pulse, they are pairing remixers and artists with the skill that even a sommelier would envy.

rampage – war (blatta & inesha go to luanda remix)

the tandem italians are making their us dj debut late this summer so make sure to avoid getting too sunburnt or hungover to go out and see them smash it up.

and don’t forget to get the whole release over at beatport which also has remixes by heavyfeet for both ‘war’ and ‘loving u is easy’. read more!

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