By now you should probably have picked up on this lil party we are throwing in September in Holland. GENERATION BASS comes through with 3 days of insane artists and dj’s. First off, i’m gonna give you the line-up:

DJ Beware (AT) – baile funk
The Squire of Gothos (UK) – bassline wobble
DJ Zhao (GER) – kwaito & african house
DJ Pinchado (ARG) – cumbia
Dem Slackers (NL) – bassline
Reso (UK) – dubstep
Raffertie (UK) – dubstep
A1 Bassline (UK) – bassline
Broken Note (UK) – dubstep

Doma Tornados (ARG) – cumbia/nu cumbia
Mikix The Cat (FRE) – bassline/bass
Schlachthofbronx (GER) – dancehall/bassline
DJ Umb (UK) – global tech
Cooly G (UK) – UK Funky
Joker (UK) – dubstep/hiphop
Shackleton (UK) – dub/dubstep

João Brasil (BRA) – baile funk
Filastine (USA) – global tech
Suckafish P (AUS) – grime
Process Rebel (USA) – dancehall
Malorix (NL) – global breaks
Motorpitch (AT) – bassline & mashup
Bass Clef (UK) – dubstep
Noiz Boiz (NL) – grime 
Rebel up! Soundsystem (NL/B/FRA) – global music
Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap (NL) – grime
Mentol Nomad (USA) – hiphop/broken hiphop
Sensational (USA) – hiphop/broken hiphop
Mad Professor (UK) – dub LEGEND!
Spectre the Ill Saint (USA) – hiphop/broken hiphop
Los Siquicos Litoraleños (ARG) – cumbia/gaitas/folk
Mark Ernestus (Rhythm & Sound) & Tikiman (GER) – DUB
AJ Holmes & The Hackney Empire (UK) – high life / afrobeat
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou (BEN) – afrofunk / afrobeat

And now we have that thang out the way, Imma give you a weekly focus on one of our artists playing at the thing. I will kick it off with my man JOKER, who is really dropping science with his latest releases. He fuses dubstep and hiphop with wonky 8bit and just weirded out vibes. A true innovator and someone that is pushing the limits of genres…

Check this 2007 interview with the man:

Who fancies a game of “name the hottest new instrumental grime producer?” Here’s the first clue: “He’s making next level instrumental grime, evoking memories of Detroit’s future.” Sound like Plastician? It does but you’re wrong. How about: “He’s a prestigious talent, who stays in to make vast number of beats, began writing on Fruty Loops when he was 14 before graduating to Logic.” Sounds like Skream? It does…but it isn’t. What about: “As a teenager he watched UK garage implode, seized his moment to combine synths with mental computer game FX to create his own sound.” Remind you of a young Dizzee Rascal? It does, but you’ve still got the wrong guy.

Instead, meet 18-year-old Joker from Easton, Bristol, UK. With a release on dubstep’s DJ Pinch’s Earwax and another forthcoming on grime’s Plastican’s Terrorhtyhm, Joker’s making waves in 2007 with a unique sound of his own. Joker started as a DJ. He stills plays out but, having chosen to focus on production, now has a massive advantage over the next DJ: a mighty arsenal of unique material. Since turning 15, Joker has been developing his production style– and there’s nothing funny about it.


 and this excellent interview from 2008:

His musical peers include Rustie, Gemmy as well as Kode9, boss of the Hyperdub label and recognised tastemaker, who identified the newcomer as one to watch. His productions are battered by DJs stretching form Appleblim, Pinch, Plastician and Rustie, and he was recently been named Pitchfork’s Producer Of The Year, and his latest release Kapsize002 sold out in two days. Although born to grime and adopted by dubstep, Joker refuses to be tagged and his soul drenched productions have been described as Jehri Curl Boogie and Wiley stuck in an elevator with Cameo. Whatever you want to call it, as we move towards ‘09, Joker is one of the shining stars that can be seen in the distance. ITM’s Crabman speaks to dubstep’s brightest young talent before to mark his debut Australian tour.


Now check the man working his own magic in MARY ANN HOBBS’ show, the princess of bassss:

And of course there’s the music, check this excellent mix with a lot of his own productions



1 Heny g – Delayed style
2 Silkie – 7-1
3 Joker & ginz – purple city
4 Joker – psychedelic runway
5 Joker – Gullybrook plain
6 Joker -Digidesign
7 Guido – Tango 140
8 Gemmy – Espaniola (SOMETHING LIKE THAT )
9 Gemmy – The box remix no.2
10 Gemmy – BT Tower
11 Gemmy -Back 2 the future 2012
12 Gemmy- ……..
13 Joker – Do it
14 Joker – Early morning
15 Benga – Buzzin
16 RSD – Naked mario kart
17 Skream – Unknown
18 Silkie – Weird piano
19 Quest – The unknown
20 Rude kid – Are you ready (instrumental)
21 Maniac – Three crows
22 Joker & Rustie -Play doe
23 Joker -Untitled


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