Soulico is a 4 member DJ Crew from Tel Aviv, the first DJ’s in the Middle East to master the trifecta of production, turntablism, and party-rocking skills.  They came to my attention via the MAD DECENT blog and Sabbo’s post.  I’m not sure if that is the same Sabbo that is part of the band but if it is, I’m sure he’d let us know.

As their MY SPACE page says, “Soulico has garnered incredible respect and critical acclaim both for their original songs and their unique mash-ups that blend Israeli dope grooves and Jewish melodies with American hip-hop tracks. Having heard the buzz from their underground mixtapes and continuously sold out 500 to 3,000 person shows in Israel, JDub tracked down the members of Soulico to begin working on their debut original album due out fall 2007. Soulico turns the turntable and the DJ into a band. Members Eyal Rob, Sabo Ronen, Michael Emeth and Ido Saar jump on top of each others cuts to create perfect mixes and keep the party going using 3-4 turntables, 2 mixers, and a drum machine/sampler. It’s the never the same twice“.

Their debut album, Exotic On The Speaker features guest appearances by Ghostface Killah, Rye Rye, Del, Pigeon John alongside Israeli artists.

Here’s a track from the MAD DECENT blog from their debut album featuring latin artist, Ceci Bastida.

Soulico Feat. Pigeon John & Ceci Bastida – S.O.S.


  1. Yep, Sabbo is the same guy from the band. If you’re into Israeli produced dancehall you can check out Axum or Laroz.

    Balkadan from Jerusalem

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