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DISCO ALI B hails from Brazil and specializes in mash up mixes of the highest order.  Funky Electro Beats including some LED ZEPPELIN.  You know how a bit of LED ZEP gains my immediate interest.

Here’s what his Label say about his mixes:

If you say you understand Ali Disco B that means you don’t understand Ali Disco B. Multipraktik Recordings is really proud to present this monstrous one hour long mash-up of recent music history through the eyes, ears and brain of the endlessly talented producer/DJ Ali Disco B. If we would try to describe this mix in detail, it would take us a small printed 100 page long manual along with photos and instructions. Even the tracklist doesn’t include all the material used in the mix.

Since there is no way we can write about the whole mix, we advise you to simply read the massive tracklist, start jumping and enjoy the mix.

42 songs ranging from Ali Disco B originals, cult club songs, classic rock monsters to some surprising samples mixed, blended and destroyed in the finest, top notch spirit of the mash-up age. A true gem full of humorous and memorable moments.



01. ali disco b – intro
02. the prodigy – breath
03. wolfang garner – flashback
04. ali disco b – guitars from the heaven
05. billy idol – rebel yell
06. calvin harrys – merrymaking at my  place (mr oizo remix)
07. the kills – the good one
08. ali disco b – moogs
09. africa bombata – unknow
10. alter ego – rocker
11. stefane gwen – hollaback girl
12. calvetron – crash
13. armand van helden – funk fenomena
14. sire straits – money for nothing
15. daft punk – robt rock (drum tools)
16. daft punk technologic (drum tools)
17. lerry tee – hipster girl
18. gui borato & dalanese – beautiful song
19. 666 – bomba
20. guns n roses – sweet child o mine
21. fat Boy slim – put your hands up in the air
22. Aquasky – Have a good time feat Acafool
23. the Bloody Beetroots & Steve Aoki – Warp 1.9
24. backdraft – HEadcharge
25. joujouka – Boxrocker
26. led Zeppelin – when the levee breaks
27. turbo Trio – Balança (acaepella)
28. gui boratto & dalanese & carlo dalanese – bealtiful song
29. ac/dc – back in black
30. beastie boys – shake your rump
31. ali disco b – guitar solo
32. edu k – gatas gatas gatas
33. kyle watosn – right now
34. daft punk – teachers
35. justice – water of nazareth
36. laidback luke and a-track – shake it down
37. raimundos – eu quero ver o oco
38. metalica – master of puppets
39. daft punk – drum dj tool
40. soulwax – The Soulwaxz Fifht
41. justice – one minute to midnight
42. zombie nation – mystery feat affair



01 mr oizo ñ positifi
02 killer on the dancefloor feat bonde do role ñ you make me sweat
03 mix hell ñ boom da ñ killer on the dancefloor rmx
04 dura duram ñ steve aoki remix
05 loop dj tools
06 mc gi ñ origami
07 turbo trio ñ balanÁa ñ killer on the dancefloor rmx
08 basement jaxxx ñ where is your head at
09 daft punk ñ technologic drum dj tool
10 killer on the dancefloor ñ gringo oba oba
11 ugod ñ ugodzilla
12 bonde do role ñ solta o frango ñ ali disco b & phillip a rmx
13 fakeblood ñ mars
14 kurd maveric ñ the rub
15 jamiroquai ñ deeper underground
16 larry tee ñ I love you ñ the Bulgarian rmx
17 groove armada ñ atomic hooligan rmx
18 digitalism ñ idealism
19 kool and the gang ñ jungle boogie
20 tim healey ñ 4 the crew
21 rochelle ñ fer de lance ñ the whip rmx
22 dylan rhymes ñ superstar ñ elite force rmx
23 marylin mason ñ I donít like the drugs but the drugs like me
24 planet hemp ñ mantenha o respeito
25 jimi Hendrix ñ Woodoo child
26 planet hemp ñ legalize j·
27 queen ñ we will rock
28 rolling stones ñ anybody seen my baby
29 daft punk ñ technologic
30 calvetron ñ crash
31 larry tee ñ goes low ñ herve rmx
32 the death kit ñ girls donít do electro
33 elite force ñ I donít think so
34 ali disco b ñ guitar dj tool
35 all i want is the bass
36 beastie boys ñ body moving
37 bee gees ñ staying alive
38 mc flipside ñ the rubdown
39 mr oizo ñ gay dentist ñ edit
40 the haker ñ flash and bones
41 robyn ñ chewie chocolate cookies rmx
42 justice vs simiam ñ we are you friends
43 digitalism – zdrlt
44 johny cash –
45 msc flipside –
46 calvetron –


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