Man, NO SLEEP TILL HAMMERSMITH, a gorgeous Limited Edition yellow vinyl release in the early 80’s.  Scraped all my school dinner money together for a whole week to buy that fucker, treasured it with my life but then stupidly went to a Record Fair and traded it along with my Sabbath collection for a Zeppelin  bootleg!

The Zeppelin bootleg is now totally useless as the same was released as the BBC collection a few years back but it was kinda relevant for around 20 years, plus it’s on vinyl 🙂

But still wish I had not traded the Motorhead one and come to think of it, the Sabbath ones too as they were all personally autographed by the Dark Prince himself, Ozzy!

Anyway, this brings back memories man, I remember seeing Motorhead at the Birmingham Odeon during the No Sleep tour and man my ears got mashed and I’d never seen such a huge stack of Marshall Amps like the Motorhead ones, ever in my life.  I’m sure that gig fucked up my hearing cause my ears were ringing for at least a month after that gig and my head was almost dropping off cause I head banged so much (Fuck I’m beginning to sound like a right old c***…..once upon a time in the first world war…..haa.haaa… excuse, I started young!).

This track has just become even more sentimental to me now with the magnificent JUKE makeover that it’s been given by my good friend PETER POZOREK.

Pete is a very, very talented Producer of Polish descent but he’s living and based in Canada.  He was one of the first exciting discoveries I made when I did my first commercial compilation release a few years back with his track MORRICONE DUB, which is still just an AWESOME track.  He has also done some other great Flamenco and Balkan inspired bangers, check them out on his My Space page.

It really pleases me now that he’s kinda moving into the Generation Bass territory with some of his productions cause man, this guy is highly talented and once he starts producing some GhettoBass or Kuduro or more Juke, he is gonna be a name to watch out for.

Man just listen to this M’Fucker!  It’s the best cover of Ace of Spades that I’ve ever heard!

Thanks Piotr xx

Motorhead – Ace of Spades (Peter Pozorek Juke Mix)


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