You guys must know by now just how much I love my homie, Bassnectar’s stuff.   I’ve been following him for about 6 years now and his progression is just becoming more and more stunning.

He is on the BRINK of huge success, I really hope.  Here’s what he says about his new DOWNTEMPO freebie:

Hey! I know this is a list of mostly DJs (who are probably looking for bangers) so this bootleg may not be for you, but I hope you enjoy it anyways…its definitely downtempo, and “prettier” than some of the more raw songs, but it has a really deep bass beat. I’m hoping to develop a kind of DJ TOOLS section for samples and loops and remix parts, and when I do, this beat will be first in line, I throw it underneath EVERYTHING..its at 80-85 bpm and just crushes…anyhow, maybe you will use this song to close a show with, or in a downtempo set, or maybe it will just be nice to bump in your car.

I took the beat of a long-overdue unreleased tune called “Stretch Reflex” and melted it together with the synths and melodies from another song that was supposed to be on Underground Communication, but ended up getting saved for later. It was written as a pensive homage to the dead, the original melodics sound like a black metal song but in this version they have kind of a nice 1990’s Orb or FSOL feel to them.that sound will never get old for me! Then I took some of the prettier melodies from that song and mixed them with a Lupe Fiasco acapella (I looooove his voice) and it became one of my favorite tunes to close a party with.

So this week we give to you ‘Land of the Lupes’ which is the working title of this goofily random combination of sounds, and an unrelated homage to one of my favorite bands in the world, Land of the Loops.

GRAB IT HERE AND Also grab the Embeddable Players and Widgets from here



Stay tuned for the release of Bassnectar’s debut single (3 versions of Cozza Frenzy out August 4th on iTunes) from the forthcoming album (a dozen new tracks and heaps of remixes due out October 2009) in partnership between Amorphous Music and Child’s Play Records. The original version is a head-banging body-rocking anthem, where dubstep and electro collide beneath a chopped and screwed vocal courtesy of Oakland mc/vocalist Seasunz. Z-Trip’s ‘Hellrazor Remix’ takes the original and flips it into a scratch track with loads of cuts and edits. Scratch djs and turntablists will eat this alive. Finally, Bassnectar give us his own ‘mega-bass’ remix – a straightforward dubstep version perfect for ripping any dance floor into complete frenzy. Hence the name…


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