You know sometimes I like to stray away a little from what we generally cover on this blog cause I just love music of almost every conceivable genre.

And so here’s a little mix I did a while back called “Stories For A Melancholic”, which was inspired by, dedicated to & is in tribute to my all-time favourite Mash Up Melancholic, Phil RetroSpector!

So what can you expect?

It contains many Phil Retrospector gems but also some original tracks and one or two mash up’s by other producers and showcases a more sensitive me, so it’s very laid back, moving, lush and kind of emotional down-tempo!

It’s been a small kept secret up until now and some peeps have even admitted shedding tears to it…ahhhhh!

I just hope by sharing it with you and many others HERE, you might just like it, a bit, maybe  and at the very least I hope it encourages you to find out more about PHIL RETROSPECTOR.

“No words needed when sorrow is this beautiful”


First cut & one-take on my Pioneer CDJ’s.

1. Sleepwalking For Hours – Morcheeba v Philip Glass v Laurie Anderson (Phil RetroSpector)
2. Mysteries of Love – Antony & Johnsons
3. Bluebird Blackout – Charles Bukowski v Harry Dean Stanton v Muse v Delibes v Bob Dylan (Phil RetroSpector)
4. Where He At – Apparat
5. Naturally Feeling Blue – Nina Simone v Vera Hall v Clint Mansell v Johnny Cash ( Phil RetroSpector)
6. Les Pleurs – Jordi Savall
7. Sleep Will Come – Bliss
8. Jude’ll Fix It – Beatles v Coldplay v Jim Sturgess
9. I’m Sorry Darling – Monica Queen
10. My Oblivion – Tindersticks
11. Exit Music For a Film – Radiohead v Scala v Madredeus by Overdub
12. Heaven’s Drive – David Lynch v Angelo Badalamenti v Miranda Sex Garden v Diamanda Galas (Phil RetroSpector)
13. Via Pajuta (Umb Edit)– Platon Andritsakis
14. The Good, Bad & Creepy – Radiohead v Hugo Montenegro & his Orchestra (Phil RetroSpector)
15. Back to Virginity – Amy Winehouse v Madonna (Phil RetroSpector)
16. Life in Mono – Life in Mono
17. Souvenir- Amiina

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