This week I’ve been a bit lazy and just uploaded some mixes but some pretty damn fine ones too.  Saying that the mixes cover genres as varied as Dubstep, Tropical house, Dancehall, Arabic Hip-Hop, Electro, Fidget and include shades of Cumbia, Kuduro, Ghettotech and most other dance genres!!!!!  Plus, I did put some extra effort into the numbering system and so I did put in a lot of work into this after all….haaa.haaaa!

Uno – Rivastarr Promo Mix July 09 – Sorry no tracklist

Due – Deathface – The Blood Has Gone Black mix (Sharebee)


deathface feat entro mc – 10 percent VIP
buraka som sistema – ic19 (deathface blogroom house remix)
deathface – theme to deathface
deathface – samedi
mexican institute of sound – cumbia (deathface ‘un canto al chapo guzman’ remix)
deathface – the mentalist
deathface – midwest hardcorps
guns’n’bombs – riddle of steel
circuit freq – supertripper (deathface remix)
deathface feat entro mc – heavy fucking crew
deathface – we still kill the old way
deathface – gift of fury
deathface – ride the beast

Tre – DJ Mighty Mike Presents – Dancehall Reggae 2009



Brodinski & Mumdance – ‘Eurostarr (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)’
Delphic – ‘Counterpoint (Renaissance Man Remix)’
Myd – Train To Bamako
Dani L. Mebius – Petrelli (Dani L. His Percussion Remix)
Style Of Eye – ‘Grounded’
Solo – ‘MiniMood’
Yolanda Be Cool – ‘Afro Nuts (Douster Remix)’
Alvaro – ‘Make It Funky (DJ Punish Remix)’
Momma’s boy – ‘Give Ut Up’
L-VIS 1990 – ‘Compass’
DJ Master D – ‘Mad Drumz’
Gucci Vump – ‘Sha, Shtil!’
Mom & Dad – ‘The Whole Sh’Bang! (Havard Bass Remix)’
Hard House Banton – ‘Finger In My’
La Bande A Basile – ‘La Chenille (Douster Gwada Remix)’
Débruit – ‘Congo Whoomp’

Cinque – Hot Women Mix – sorry no tracklist & streaming only.

Women Singers from the Torrid Regions of the World complied by Robert Crumb.

Sei – The Return of the Don Tour Mix – July 2009 – Don Rimini

Designer Drugs – Back Up In This (Don Rimini Lock Up Remix) Steve Starks – You Don’t Want None The Faint – Mashine In The Ghost (Djedjotronic Remix) Lee Mortimer & Foamo – It’s Going Down D.I.M. & TAI – Lyposuct Don Rimini – Karaté Disco Of Doom – Warpig Sonic C – Stickin’ Sidney Samson – Riverside Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Ernold Sane Remix) Dada Life – Let’s Get Bleeper Tonight (Don Rimini Remix) Cryptonites – Boots Electric Zombie Nation – Radio Controlled (Hey Today! Remix) Rye Rye feat. M.I.A. – Bang (WTF I Asked..) 2 Men On Wax – Demolition Man Coolshop – Trumpet Girl (Juan Magan remix) CLS – Can You Feel It (Laidback Luke Riddim Remix) DJ Manaia ft. Deize Tigrona – Sobrevivente de Rave (Sound Of Stereo Remix) Rico Tubbs – The Party (Splitloop Remix) KUNG-Fu Grum -Sound Reaction (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix) Thomas Bangalter – What To Do Drop The Lime – Tabac Theme

Sette – Lift An Arabic Hip-Hop Mix  (DJ THT)

1. Arabesque – Kalma Cuts (Palestine/Canada)
2. DAM – Mali Huriye – I Don’t Have Freedom (Palestine)
3. RGB – Ya Wled Loubnan  (Lebanon)
4. Arabesque ft. The Narcicyst – Occupied (Palestine/Canada, Iraq/Canada)
5. Clotaire K – Maqam (Lebanon)
6. Invincible ft. Abeer – People Not Places (Israel/USA, Palestine)
7. DJ Lethal Skillz ft. HanounehRGB6kMC Moe – Lost At Midnight (Lebanon)
8. Belly ft. Massari – Ya Dunya (Palestine/Canada, Lebanon/Canada)
9. DAM ft. Shadia Mansour – Kollon 3endon Dababaat (Palestine, Palestine/UK)
10. The Narcicyst – Straight Outta Basrah (Iraq/Canada)
11. MBS ft. RIM.K – Rap de Maghrebin (Algeria, Algeria/France)
12. DJ Lethal Skillz – Arabian Heat (Lebanon)
13. Malikah – Ya Loubnan (Lebanon)
14. DJ Lethal Skillz ft. Ramallah UnderGround – Ifham La Halak (Lebanon, Palestine)
15. Invincible – The Emperor’s Clothes (Israel/USA)
16. Clotaire K – Ya Saran ?! (Lebanon)
17. DAM – G’areeb Fi Bladi – Stranger In My Own Country (Palestine)
18. Belly – History of Violence (Palestine/Canada)
19. RIM.K ft. Reda Taliani – Partir Loin (Algeria/France, Algeria)
20. Arabsummit – Camouflage Life (Palestine/USA, Iraq/Canada, Syria/USA)
21. DJ Lethal Skillz ft. Rayess BekRGB – Bi Fanneh Horr (Lebanon)
22. Checkpoint 303 – Streets Of Ramallah (Tunisia/France, Palestine)

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