My mate at SIX DEGREES, Bob Duskis and of the GLOBAL NOIZE blog always sends me great stuff from time to time from his label.

A few weeks back he sent me the new BOMBAY DUB ORCHESTRA remix album of their 3 CITIES IN DUB release containing some fairly decent remixes.

One remix in particular just stands out so far ahead of the rest of the pack.  It’s just a sikkkkk Indo-Fusion Dubstep Mutha F’ by a band/production team I’ve never heard of before called Liquid Stranger!

It really pleases me that Six Degrees are getting bang up to date with some of their remix material and I hope that this remix heralds the start of more and more to come in the same vein.

Journey (Liquid Stranger’s Sliptr) – Bombay Dub Orchestra


Hey I forgot one important thing, that is, the image, thanks to Kiran from Baltimore for turning me on to that 🙂


  1. I hope it’s ok if i posted a link to your website AND the liquid stranger tune @ my blog ( If you want to I will be sure to remove it 🙂

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