This guy is a COLOMBIAN living in Canada and he’s doing some awesome stuff.  He’s sent me a copy of his 2007 album “MULTILATERAL” made up of Drum N’ Bass & Latin Ragga riddims.


But he has another new album coming out this month and we’ll bring that one to you too very soon as an EXCLUSIVE 🙂  Here’s what he says about it:

Caballo is back..with the third album called GLOBAL PROPAGANDA, Sounds like the band was listening to a lot of dancehall and fusion during the making of this album , but there is no shortage of great drum n’ bass riddims here. Global propaganda is an unashamedly political, explosive mash-up of latin/world/afro-beat, junglist breakbeats and reggae basslines. With lyrics to open minds and attack the actions of this world media and governments. The skillful use of dual-language vocals throughout the record reflects a culturally criss-crossed generation, but also creates composite sense of identity. “the rebel” juxtaposes hushed, English vocals from relic with vivid spanish vocals amidst a backdrop of mind blowing beats . The tracks also include a vocal variety. “times of fighting” brews with dark electronic undertones as relic’s and caballo’s vocals are tightly woven into a sonic protest against the unjustified madness of war. The mood of the album flips to lightness on the gorgeous “follow your heart,” as bass reggae notes and relic and caballo pure vocals swim with the ocean as background and reggae beats.

Man, we cannot wait for that one…COMING SOON!

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