Grabbed this from the excellent blog I told you about earlier this week, THE ELEPHANT’S CHILD.

How the hell did she find this!!!!!!



Soukous Vibration Dancers

Great work Rachel 😉

Plus she goes on to make quite a valid point, which is in essence the whole point of her post:

shouldn’t you at least give the ladies a holla?
And does it matter? After all, the original video has 194,158 views while L-Vis 1990’s has 5,821. Which might mean they have more clout than he does. I’m not sure those dancers have anything to fear from niche Djs. Either way, I think we should expect DJs to use the same respect & give appropriate credit to video makers and dancers as well as the musical artists they use and work with, vs. assuming it doesn’t mater, b/c those ‘are the real artists, not like those endless, expendable video girls’.

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