Our homie from BOOTLGUMACHINE just sent us this great new Remix he’s done and here’s what he said when he sent it:

Wassup, I’m dropping this remix, may be useful if u r into “Norteño Cumbia” or “Quebradita”, flavored with some mini dubstep breakdown.

Ok, so I said, wow man, fuckin’ great tune homie but what does “Norteno Cumbia” and “Quebradita” mean…please educate me (cause we’re not “we know it all” kinda guys, we’re always up for learning more).

Here’s what our homie said:

Thnx Mate for message me, and hahaha I will try to “educate” you, come on, it will be hard, you and the Prince has a very amazing musical knowledge skills(…..;-)………….) so here is a brief description of what is to me NORTEÑO CUMBIA or QUEBRADITA.

Well how the name says NORTEÑO comes from the North of Mex, is like a blend of the traditional cumbia with the traditional music from the border of Mex called BANDA or TAMBORA, and also some places of the US as Texas for example, due to the speed of the NORTEÑO music, QUEBRADITA is the Faster version of this music. NORTEÑO CUMBIA and QUEBRADITA had their Boom in the 90’s decade.

You can hear some influence(a little of influence, they are more into BANDA influences) of this style of music with the collective known as NORTEC from TIJUANA MEX, they are worldwide know and they changed their name to TIJUANA SOUND MACHINE.

The most notorious band of this Style known as QUEBRADITA or NORTEÑO CUMBIA are the BANDA EL MEXICANO, I will send you this link of youtube of a megamix of many of their songs.

So here is a brief description my friend, please apologize my lame English, I’m writing this down quickly so I cant check my gramatic correction right now ha ha. Hugs buddy!!

GRAB THE TUNE HERE- PAU Y AMIGOS-“Buzzards”(Bootlegumachine”Vulgar Norteñito” RMX)

Well, man that’s very interesting as I had never heard of the terms NORTEÑO CUMBIA and QUEBRADITA before and now I know :-).  So, thanks mate and man you’re English is COOL, much, much better than my Spanish.  At least you can write whole sentences in English, I’d struggle to write a few words in Spanish 🙂


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