Excellent post from LA CONGONA – can we start this tradition in EUROPE as well?

2 weeks ago I was mixing some cumbia at the party for the album release of my friends psychotropical orchestra here in Montréal and I was talking with the lead of the group who’s from Mexico. We had an interesting discussion about cumbia and sonideros.

He told me about la peregrinacion (pilgrimage) sonidera were all the sonideros across america converge to the church on one day for a special mass and party. Just like almost any peregrinacion in the mexican culture, La virgen de guadalupe is the center of the day and if you have the chance to participate, the best place to follow la pergrinacion is in la Basílica de Guadalupe in Mexico DF. There’s one in couple of city in the us also (I.E. Los Angeles). Anything that can protect the sonideros for the years is a good thing!

Here a good video from the famous mexican Grupo Kual where you can see what happening.

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