Vince & I received some goodies from Akwaaba Music and man we felt so spoilt that we both immediately thought of doing a Kuduro mix!

So we agreed that I would do a Kuduro mix for our blog and Fairtilizer and Vince’s Kuduro mix would do it’s rounds to all our blogger friends as the official Generation Bass Kuduro mix.

I have no idea what Vince has come up with but man it’d be funny if we’ve used the same tracks.

I put this together very quickly yesterday afternoon on my Pionner CDJ’s, so it’s a one-cut, first take and improvised 60 minute mix of KUDURO heaven.  It’s a rough & ready LIVE recording, so mind any mistakes 😉

Some tracks are from Akwaaba Music release which you can buy here at i-tunes and also from other labels, some old and some new.  But NO Buraka Som Sistema tracks cause I’ve already murdered all the ones I’ve had.

Think of this as a transitional mix for my proper Kuduro mix later this year.

I uploaded it last night on Fairtilizer and it has already managed to acquire prestigious chart placings at the time of writing:

No.1 World Music Chart

No. 2 Funk Chart

No. 12  on the All Genres Chart

As I’ve said before, I’m not really sure what value chart placings represent on Fairtilizer save to say somebody likes the music but apart from that I’m sure it does NOT mean that it’s mega-brilliant or is in fact the best thing since sliced bread 🙂


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  1. Intro – DJ Znobia
  2. In the Building – Gelu – Six *
  3. Alila – Puto Prata
  4. Marmandumba – Chefe Kamone *
  5. Danke Tikitake – Black Staff
  6. Tiramakossa (Remix) – Killamu *
  7. Sele Mama – Noite Dia
  8. Cara Podre – Puro Prata *
  9. Toca Vais Ver – Mini Arena
  10. Nao Ta Se Entender – Dred Man Gi Feat Nell *
  11. Sane Abe Feat Anbuley – Zakee Kuduro
  12. Suku – Saborosa Fofando
  13. Tenho Talhu – Les Princes Du Kuduro
  14. Tsunami – Les Princes Du Kuduro
  15. Unknown
  16. Ze Bula (Spin Laden Remix) – Figura *
  17. Cebola Picada– DJ Furetta

* Akwaaba Music tracks.


  1. Pessoal, n√£o sei se falam portugu√™s aqui, mas eu procuro um kuduro j√° ha muito tempo que n√£o consigo encontrar…
    Tem uma batida muito forte e assim a ouvir o gajo parece que t√° a dizer “Bo selecta” mas n√£o sei…
    Se me puderem dar alguns palpites agradecia..

  2. Sorry man, it was something like that:

    Guys, I don’t know if you speak Portuguese here, but I’m looking for a sound(kuduro) a long time ago and I can not find …
    Has a strong beat and so to hear the guy seems to say “Bo selecta” but I’m not sure …
    If you can make some guesses please ..

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