The alternative face, style and musical offering from the British Asian Scene, more of my kinda style.

Natasha Khan aka Bat For Lashes, represents all that is GREAT not only in the British Asian scene but in the whole British music scene in general.  It’s a shame that she was nominated for the Mercury Prize which for me spoilt her underground cult phenomenon a bit.

On the other hand she is deserving of that kind of attention and success.  It will filter through to the masses demonstrating that British Asian music is not just about Bhangra,  Desi R & B, Bollywood, D N’ B or something with discernable asian flavourings.

It reinforces that Asian musicians/music is and can be weird, enigmatic and totally original and hip to western audiences without having to depend upon their/its background of origin to justify its “exoticism”…SMASH THOSE FUCKIN’ STEREOTYPES NAT!!!

Anyway, enough of my bullshit and on with the musical offering of today.

You know Mondays @ Generation Bass are fast becoming like DUBSTEP MONDAYS and so why not just make Mondays a Dubstep day 😉

I’ll continue in this vein to see how it goes down!

Pick up this fairly decent dubstep remix of a Bat For Lashes track courtesy of Chrome Kids.


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