Just found a couple of my older releases on an excellent blog called ELECTRONIX OBSCURE and wanted to give you, faithful GB readers the benefit of sharing my two 12″s as RA-X “OPIUM DEN I-IV” and “OPIUM DEN IV-VIII”. Full on future dub with a bleak electro feel. A bit how I imagined music from the future. On drugs.

RA-X  “OPIUM DEN part I – VIII” complete

>>> The Opium Den” is a deep affair, all metallic stabs and deep padded basslines, electro triggered primarily for the head – in sharp contrast to the hyperactive machinations and adrenaline splits of so much electro from the Hague. The first and second release on Scotland’s own Mighty Robot label sees Tilburg’s Ra-X (Plasmek/Bunker/Kommando-6/KK Records/Angelmaker) deliver the concluding parts of his ‘Opium Den’ series – a twisted journey through deepest, darkest Europe, via the misty mountains of Kashmir and the seedy smoking dens of Shanghai. This time the Angelmaker is going straight for the heart with emotionally driven downtempo electro and late night electronics. Think Bitstream and the Sabres of Paradise up an alley sharing their works. Electro beats and dirty bass, static crackles, unexpected key changes and lush, textured melodies.<<<


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