I LOVE this cut from a new star in the making.  She has a very promising future on the strength of this cut!  But there’s more, you need to check out her other stuff too on her MY SPACE page, tracks like GNARLY DUDE, JELLY, BUGGIN ME, SPENT and CHECK confirm her ARRIVAL!

Diplo, Switch, here’s your new gal, SHE IS UNSIGNED, please grab her quick for MAD DECENT!!!!!

Enter Cheasleauen (Shass-Lowen) a 22 year old female urban artist who doesn’t have much room for error. It’s a fact that female artist are judged differently from male artists.  Beyond that, the shelf life of a male artist is longer than that of their female counter parts.  So everytime she steps into the studio, it’s to craft the biggest song of her career.  That’s the thought she has because that is the thought that needs to have in mind in order to be the best.

Hailing from Detroit with life spent in Las Vegas and New York City has its advantages.  Being from all over the place allows for your music to be just that, all over the place.  Not only is she a skilled rapper but she’s a power house singer, with a very big voice.  The unpredictability within her talent is her gimmick.  The fact that she’s going to be honest within her music, is her.  Cheasleauen makes shockingly abrasive music, its not discipline specific.

Cheasleauen is a woman and that is what her music sounds like.  It sounds like the new urban women’s emotion.  Be it sporadic, or exact.  It is that very sporadic exactness that her music is riddled with.  With a firm understanding of who she is, who her music speaks the loudest to, and what she deserves.  Cheasleauen makes the worlds most beautifully abrasive music.  Cheasleauen is going to be her voice,  let us see how many other women’s voices she echo’s.

Cheasleauen – Off The Glass



      PLeasure for us that you grace us with your company 😉

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