ET.0719.Marvel.2We get sent or are asked to put up a lot of mixes on our blog.

Ones that really stand out for me is when there’s an element of creativity in the mix and the sound is quite different, unique or distinctive.

Was sent this mix by a guy called ROB POLLINATE via Facebook and did not know what to expect and started listening.  Really, really liked what I was hearing.  Cross-Pollinate cause he has done just that with many different genres, style and mood!

I think this is a great mix and one that I’ll come back to time and time again. Here’s what the main dude said about it:

Made this today in the Sun, with a hangover and my cat. I enjoyed it a lot, as did they. There are too many amazing tracks here and also a few of my new tunes.

Grab the “Take It As You Wish” mix from HERE


Skee-Lo – I Wish [Squared Evening Edit]
Cecile – New Year New Love
Johnny Prez – La Potra
King Cannibal – Murder Us
Lady Saw – Pum Pum
DJ Naughty – Quicktime
Chancha Via Circuito – Zorzal Instrumental
Villa Diamante – Emisor vs Dead Prez
Bomba Estereo – Fuego [The Peronists Remix]
Squared – Atlantic Decay [Demo]
Sonido Del Principe – Watch Dem ft Horace Andy
Esgar – Bass Batter
Squared – The End [Demo]
Squared – Radio One
Unknown Artist – La Flauta Tribal
DJ Mouse – Guata Guata
NaughtyBeats – Nutz
Inspirational Sounds feat. Stephanie Hladowski – Warning
Deckstar – Mistikal Bass
Djivan Gasparyan – Moon Shines At Night
Squared – Radio Two
Fairuz – Sa ‘Alouni Annass
El Remolon – Zapatillas Galacticas


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