schalch ep

Yes, one of our favourite bands since we started this blog have been these innovative and genius-like producers from Munich in Germany, SCLACHTHOFBRONX.

From the first time we heard what these guys were doing we knew it was very special and a cut above so much else going on in the scene.  These guys along with Diplo & Switch, Villa Diamante & ZZK, Buraka Som Sistema and some notable others personally DEFINED to me what GLOBAL GHETTOTECH meant in 2008/2009 and what it was all about.

Anyway, they kindly agreed to speak to Generation Bass a few weeks back about their new album which drops soon and you can catch that chin-wag tomorrow.

For now, as an appetizer to their  new EP “Belly Full Of Pills” which drops on August 28, they prepared a little mix of tracks from that EP and including some exclusive Bavarian bounce material.  Man, it is BRILLIANT!!!!

As they say in their own words, “PREPARE FOR THE SIRENS”!!!!


Interview coming up tomorrow 🙂

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