pearls 4 swines

PEARLS FOR SWINES are a huge ENIGMA to me but a very, very interesting ENIGMA!

They have been friends of mine on Facebook for quite some time, always positive about some of our posts here and generally very encouraging BUT I really don’t know who they are!!!

But I like not knowing who they really are!!!

According to their My Space, they are from “The land of the Dead” -Belgium, ha…ha…ha…, and say the following:

We are an audiovisual band. If you want to know more about us, there is an interview on the Percussa website. Click on AudioCubes.

If you want to watch our videos, go on Vimeo You will find them all in good quality.

Up until today, I did not realise that they were also tunesmiths too and so I checked them out and I find what they do very interesting in a surreal, experimental kind of way.

So here’s a couple of tracks that you can download by going to their ReverbNation page and you can also listen to a whole load more.

I LOVE that BORFOBOMBA track, which you can download…HEAVVVY BASSSS MAN!

So check it out for yourself here at REVERBNATION.

Continue to be an ENIGMA boyz, and keep sending me stuff 🙂

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