Thanks to our mate at SOUNDGOODS for finding this stuff, here’s what he has to say:

When I was showing my friend Maga Bo the CDs I bought recently in Mexico City and asked him which one he wanted to check out he selected straight the one with the cyber chicks on the cover. We both had no idea what will be on that, but were quite surprised. Check it out too!

Me Voy Pá Vietnam (Download or listen)

La 2da Del Naicao (Download or listen)

Negra Ron y Velas (Download or listen)

Guacharaca L.A. (Download or listen)

Soy El Rey Del Boogaloo (Download or listen)

Dimelo (Download or listen)

Coco Seco (Download or listen)

La Guaracha De La Mariguana (Download or listen)

Or listen to all tracks as playlist on Fairtilizer.


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