“Out here in the perimeter there are no stars, out here WE IS STONED”

Sonido Del Principe has a new album coming out very soon, “La Naranja Mecanica” and it will be a FREE release.  I’ve been fortunate enough to hear it already and man, it’s a Nu Cumbia corker!

So, I was feeling in a kind of SDP mood late last night and so I threw a bunch of SDP tracks together in a mix and called it “Stoned Cumbia” cause it feels kinda like a wasted mix!!!

It takes tracks from the more atmospheric and reflective side of SDP and so I thought let’s just threw them all into the mix to see how they’ll sound.  Man I’m really diggin’ it, I hope you do too.  Most importantly, I really hope SDP digs it!  I think it’s perfect to get horizontal to and also, perhaps, wasted!

I thought I’d just mention that I end the mix with Vince the Prince’s “infamous” remix of “Godzilla”.  Those of you who follow this blog will know what commotion that track caused when we posted it here a little while back.  You know I understand what all the commotion was about cause IMHO this version pisses all over the Zomby original, hence why that dude was so pissed about it.  Anyway, that’s just my opinion but I’m sure Zomby die-hards might think otherwise.



1.Sonidoe Del Principe vs El Hijo de La Cumbia – La Mara Dub

2.Sonido Del Principe – Sexy Rod Dub

3.Sonido Del Principe – Wu Cumbia

4.Sonido Del Principe – Sole Rock Cumbia

5.Sonido Del Principe – Watch Dem feat. Horace Andy

6.Sonido Del Principe – Cumbia Curry

7.Sonido Del Principe -Horario de Verano

8.Coki n Benga – Night (Sonido Del Principe -Dub)

9.Sonido Del Principe vs Samiyam –  Box Cumbia

10.Zomby vs. SDP – Shake that Strange Fruit

11.Zomby – Godzilla (Vince The Prince remix)


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