My homie from Canada, PETER POZOREK drops another BEAUTY!

I’ve had this track for a few months now but an edited version and I stuck it on my BALKAN BANGERS MIX a little while back.  Pete’s been promising to get around to finishing it off as an extended version and so finally here it is in all it’s full glory.


It’s a Balkan track inspired in the Shantel vein but with a twist, it’s very Film Noir and you’ll see what I mean when you hear the beginning and especially when the THEREMIN drop kicks into the track.

So, BALKAN FILM NOIR, a new sub-genre for Balkan Music!  Please, more for Pete’s sake!

Grab it below and spread it far & wide please, get this NOTICED!

Whilst we’re here, check out his BRILLIANT JUKE Remix of MOTORHEAD’S “Ace of Spades”, which we posted a few weeks ago.

Track back HERE.

Peter Pozorek-Thriller (extended)


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