Wow, we had some great shows this weekend, playing mad cumbia for everyone who wanted to lend us an ear… First off on friday we scorched the LOWLANDS festival with a great line-up of THE PERONISTS, CUMBIA COSMONAUTS, VAMANOS & SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE. then on the Saturday SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE was invited to open up for BOMBA ESTEREO in Amsterdam! I think we made a lot of new friends out there! Check the pixx:

gb ll1

MOSES ITEN/CUMBIA COSMONAUTS kicking off with some amazing CUMBIA!

gb ll2

An amazing crowd, we hit them with great music, free shirts and airhorns 🙂


Aint no party like a CUMBIA party!!!!


The peeps sticked around and shook their bootys till the very end, a generator failure at 2.45!

gb mw1

the next day SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE hit the DECKS at melkweg, amsterdam!

gb mw2

12.01 at melkweg

gb mw3

12.11 at melkweg! crowd poured in and dancefloor filled up immediately!

gb mw4

crowd goes nuts to that BOOM BOOM track! minutes before BOMBA ESTEREO hits the stage

fede train

me and LUCAS, EL MONSTRUO COMEGALLETAS aka FEDERICO of the PERONISTS, hit the nighttrain back to the gaucho south. We even saw a girl puke all over herself, which was pretty disgusting…  and of course lots of drunk peeps trying to get home…


and then just before out last connection, the train stopped… and we missed the train to Tilburg. had to wait a full hour for the 4.33 train, made it home around 5…

all n all a GREAT weekend. thanks to all who dropped by on either date, now you know… you’ve been CUMBIAFIED!!!!!


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