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Our boy STICKY K has been at it again with another 2 new remix BANGERS!

Firstly, he gives AMANDA BLANK’S “Might Like You Better” the remix treatment.

You already know that when Sticky K remixes something, it’s gonna be unique and BRILLIANT.  When I heard this one I had a permanent grin on my face.

He adds whooshes of bandari folk percussion and a little bit of oud to give the track a slight Middle Eastern feel whilst ensuring it does not betray it’s Western origins.

My only complaint is that it is far too short and I wish he’d indulged himself a little bit more and extended it to at “least” the 5 minute mark.  I could have continued listening and he left me wanting MORE as this type of vibe is what I love to play out as a DJ but you know as epic 9 minute tracks.

Perhaps an additional extended bandari percussion mix (an epic 10 minutes would be marvelous…hahahha) might be on the cards, please sir 😉

Grab it, it’s brilliant and would slot in perfectly into a percussive neo-tropical ghetto house set!

Might Like You Better (Sticky K Remix)

Secondly, he remixes La Roux’s “Bulletproof” which also features some stabs of Busy Signal to great effect to give it a hip-hop/hip-house/lectro ghetto house flava in a typical Sticky K way.

Great stuff bro’.

Another great remix, our boy is flyin’.

Bulletproof feat Busy Signal (Sticky K Remix) – La Roux


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