From Belgium hail the mighty TUPOLEV SOUNDCRASH! A great team of three dj’s that keep pushing the boundaries of modern dancemusic, with their excellent remixes and with their dj mixes that often blend more musical styles than there’s cookies in a jar! Check out this dope mix by these cats for a taste of the modern Africa!

“i’m proud to present my new coupé décalé mix and i thought you could use some genuine African diaspora frenzy! one hour of mapouka damage at 130bpm! get your fake D&G t-shirt, gold chains, mirror sunglasses and jump around imagining half naked Ivorian girls throwing you in the air (and grabbing for your money)… ”
dj Leblanc – Tupolev Sound Crash


Gous 2 Being: Eza toujours likolo
Sara T ft. Oxy Nor J: Atalaku
Flamzy DJ       : Faroter
Wens DJ: Tonkon monkon
Awilo   : J’ai envie de toi
MJ ft. Mulukuku DJ: Ngningui ngningui
Alpha Jet:      1er vol
Schegal: Deboukeyi
DJ Bonano ft DJ Lewis: Django
Dream Team: Abidjan y’a la joie
Allan DJ: Sort la démarche
DJ Mix 1er & DJ Eloh: Bobaraba
DJ Marechal: Séka séka
DJ Arafat:      Hommage à Jonathan
DJ Zidane:      Guantanamo
DJ Lewis: Grippe aviaire
TV3 DJ: Fatigué fatigué
Jessy Matador:  Décalé gwada
Le Cézar ft. AP 113 & Affo Love: Afrodesign
Serpent Noir: Décalé wolof
DJ Kitoko 1er: Jolie bébé
Inoce DJ: Déception (remix)
Inoce DJ: Mix bit
Bablee Samuz: Bablee
Bébé DJ: Couper décaler
Dollar DJ: Wolosso


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