akwaaba sem transporte

Just got sent this AWESOME mix by Ben who runs Akwaaba Music, it’s a promo for the SEM TRANSPORTE album.

I’ve been asked to do a promo mix too by Ben for an Akwaaba Podcast and that’s been done and is kind of like a MINI-MIX of every track from that album.  It is being mastered by my homie, Hipi Duki and so it’s coming soon.

But man, I’m a little worried now after hearing this one…:-)

Here’s what Ben says:

Lisbon, Portugal’s own DJ Mpula, host of the Radio Fazuma show, connects with the Akwaaba team to revisit the Angolan gems collected on Akwaaba Sem Transporte. Adding a dash of his own potent production, this mix is sure to get your body in motion. And sure to give Angolan kuduro new means of transportation, directly to your ears.


Pick up the original Ze Bula from AKWAABA MUSIC here. Buy the AKWAABA MUSIC Kuduro compilation from I-TUNES HERE

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