Is the DUTCH house scene taking over?

Orpheus from SQUEEGIE reckons it is, here’s his feelings on the issue:

So I left Chicago for basically two months, June and July, and when I came home, a rumor that was only beginning to percolate back in the spring seemed to have hit the blog world in full force.  According to this rumor, the “fad” of fidget house is dying out, and the wobble has begun to get tiresome.  I cannot imagine myself personally getting tired of fidget, as it is certainly my favorite to hear, so I’m going to continue to post fidgety stuff, too, no worries.  But I do see where this rumor is coming from.  Some of the stuff you hear nowadays is, well, tired, putting it gently.  As Macgregor posted just a few days ago, artists have to be constantly on the look out for new sounds and angles to impress a crowd.  Recently, the dutch house scene has just taken over, completely blowing everything else that’s trying to keep people moving out of the water.  These two songs…. wow.  Netherlanders, Bassjackers, just do some work here, especially on Klambu.  Good God. And of course we all love Bart B More, talented guy for sure.  His remix of Sujo has the same feel as Klambu, but slightly less epic.  You’ll pick up a lot of Renaissance Man vibes here.  Klambu has been out since December, while Sujo is a newer release.  Enjoy, and Dj’s get ahead of the game, no more “Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix), play KLAMBU!!  The crowd will go nuts.

Bassjackers – Sujo (Bart B More Balkan Edit)

Bassjackers Ft. Apster – Klambu (Original Mix)

What do ya reckon?

I’m not so sure myself and does it all matter?

But I love the Bart B More Edit 🙂


  1. In no way is dutch house taking over. Now…Porter Robinson’s music yesss..every original & remix track he does is complete fire! And he’s getting support from top dj’s/producers and he is only 18 yrs old.

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