This is POST 1000 and to celebrate it, here’s a great cut by Miami’s KINKY ELECTRIC NOISE.

Ghostface Killah in a Cumbia stylee….CHECK IT!

Ghostface Killah – Dime Luna (Kinky Electric Noise Cumbia Nativo Remix)

Also you might recall our post on these guys a little while back, SONIDO DESCONOCIDO, track back HERE.

Anyway, I have a nice video treat for you of one of their live performances lasting around the 50 minute mark, check it below.


  1. I really like your blog, and ke have a lot of cumbias and tropical guarachas, I congratulate you that almost nobody knows about Cumbias bizarre, no one knows about Plastic cumbias, I’m glad you post about afrodita and Sonido desconocido II , a iam big fan of the Super Cumbias futuristas

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