All grooves with a Tropical taste seem to be the flava of the past few months, thanks mainly to guys like Solo, Douster, Renaissance Man and others.

Of course Jesse Rose and Riva Starr are probably responsible for starting off the current trend which began kind of around a 1 and half year ago with some of their stuff.  Saying that there was and still is loads of Tech-House stuff floating around with a kind of tropical groove which I previously incorporated into my live DJ sets.  Lest not forget Martin Solvieg & DJ Gregory who were doing great stuff in early 2000 with Africanism etc..

I won’t go any further back in history than the above cause we’d have to go back to caveman days man!

Of course, Tropical is not anything new.  For me the best dance music has always had a percussive tribal element to it, where earthy, organic sounding African, Latin, Asian, Balkan and Middle Eastern percussive tracks get people moving like nothing else.  It’s always been a huge highlight for me when dj’ing….great percussion punctuated with African, Arabic, Latin, Balkan and Middle Eastern vocal stabs always works a treat to get those bodies sweaty.

Plus it’s also great for dj’s for MIXING too when it’s incorporated with a house beat!!!!

So I really DO LOVE this current updated sound on all things TROPICAL, whatever that means.

So here’s my TROPICAL FUNK GROOVES mixtape, put together in about an hour and a half, incorporating some of the latest sounds and some recent oldies too but not my real oldies, I’ll still save those for when dj’ing live 🙂




Alleluja – Douster

Um Bongo’s Revenge – Julio Bashmore

Afro Nuts – Yolanda Be Cool

Mumba – Tuccillo

Congoloid (Minimow Remix)- Solo

Bouncing Draught -Fish & Chips

Touch My Horn – Jesse Rose

Canto Della Kalimba – Renaissance Man

( I put an awesome Electro version of this by Tribal Kings v Third Ear on my Global Elektro mixtape-commercial release a year ago-check it here)

Zulu – DJ ori

Gul – DJ Serge

Inflation –  Crazy Cousinz

Latin Fever -Wolfgang Gartner

Naga – Prok & Fitch

Gypsy Bum – Lorcan Mac

Balkan Powa – Headshotboyz

Ritmo De Flow – Mastikoul


  1. hey man, lovin the styles here, we’re right into the carnival at scatterblog too 😉 making a sorta carnival mix atm. wondering tho, is there any chance i can get that “zulu – dj ori” track?? – the drums are rad!

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