taken from the great SUPER SONIDO:


1. Desconocido: Cumbia Del Requinto

2. Desconocido: Cumbia Mexicana

3. Desconocido: La Derrota De León

Got this one in Mexico City about 3-4 years ago. My buddy Eamon (Dj Lengua) and I have a record dealer in D.F. who showed up to our hotel room and not only did he bring bags of records, but he also brought his entire family. According to Morelos (that’s his name), it was he who single handily brought cumbia to Mexico in the 70’s (highly unlikely). Although he did mention going to Colombia to bring records back to Mexico during that era, which seems more plausible. We tried to guess why he’d bring his family, but the more logical answer was that it was his wife who brought him. Maybe it was to make sure Morelos wouldn’t end up spending all the money he made in some bar. Puro Naco style.

Amazing cumbia bootleg/compilation record from Mexico. It’s a real mixed bag in terms of  styles and eras. From the 60’s to the 80’s, from South America to Mexico, to cumbias and gaitas. The three songs I selected pretty much reflect that and are songs that I either don’t have or that rarely show up on other vinyl/cd’s. An album like this just shows you how maliable the cumbia sound can be. Cumbia’s basic 4/4 rhythm structure and simple lyrics can really be mixed with any generation and/or regional music style.  I have a friend who actually owns Vol I and I still can’t figure out if those two girls are dancing or fighting. Desconocido (unknown). They don’t have the artists listed, which seems appropriate since it’s a bootleg. La Derrota De León (the path to Leon) is a great version of the cumbia sampuesana.


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