da groom2

PETER POZOREK does it again and for all you BALKAN fans, it’s another tremendous treat.

Man this guy’s PRODUCTION techniques are just awesome and I just think that this and the previous “Thriller” track ought to be and will end up as classics in the Nu-Balkan scene.

There’s so much trash flying around that scene at present, that it’s just wicked to hear something which pays tribute to it in an authentic manner yet marrying it to a fusion sound.  This makes it accessible not only to Nu-Balkanites but also to the wider music loving public at large.

Every track Peter touches has an air of superior quality to it and this new one is no exception.

Sampling dialogue that sounds like it came straight outta BORAT, it starts with a woman complaining that her husband to-be married somebody else on “their” supposed wedding day.

That sets the scene for The Groom.  You can just imagine and see him.

It then crosses over to Klezmer/Yiddish vibes fantastically leading up to an awesome breakdown and then it’s OPA!

It fades out with Pete’s kind of trademark percussive end in which you can imagine the newly married couple doing their traditional wedding dance to the rowdy and drunken wedding invitees!

Trust me a Balkan set and wedding would now never be complete without a Peter Pozorek track and man it’s here FREE!!!!

Grab it man and share it far and wide!



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