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From his HQ in the south of Holland, SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE, is slowly conquering the music world. His edits and remixes have graced some of the best blogs out there and people in the know have name checked him as one of the leading CUMBIA/NU CUMBIA producers and dj’s/Sonideros in Europe. Having played the largest festival in Holland, Lowlands, just last week with his friends THE PERONISTS, CUMBIA COSMONAUTS and DJ VAMANOS, and totally leveling the audience with a great mix of CUMBIA music and positive vibes, here’s a nice mix for you to share en enjoy. Recorded at the Cul de Sac bar, where Sonido Del Principe hosts a monthly night called GENERATION BASS, this mix is full of exclusive SDP edits and remixes.

Keep checking GENERATIONBASS.COM for all these edits to pop up as separate hi res mp3’s. For SDP, CUMBIA is not a fad, not a passing moment of South American hipness. CUMBIA is a feeling that grabs your heart. For Sonido Del Principe, it’s CUMBIA 4 LIFE!


01. el original – me matas (dj andy & sdp edit)

02. kiko de galo – mi morenita rebelde (sdp edit)

03. chief boima – techno rhumba (sdp edit)

04. the peronists – haitiana (sdp edit)

05. el remolon (sdp edit)

06. sdp cumbia guitara edit

07. systeme solar (sdp edit)

08. dj landrea – mi camino (sdp edit)

09. sonido del principe – jozefa matia

10. marcelo fabian – sel y mar (sdp rmx)

11. bomba estereo – fuego (sdp rmx)

12. sonido del principe – boom boom

13. dynamic – this is why i’m hot (sdp rmx)

14. dj panik – ice ice baby (sdp edit)

15. sonido del principe – cumbia del mondo

16. toddla t – full up mi portion (sdp rmx)

17. general levy – champagne body (sdp rmx)

18. suckafish p – cloak & dagger (sdp rmx)


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