DJUMA SOUNDSYSTEM in da house with a bangin’ new mix.  Man I can’t post that without first speaking about something very, very, very SPECIAL.

These guys barely need any introduction.  IMHO, they are responsible for one of the GREATEST dance ANTHEMS ever!!!!!

“Djuma” means “Friday” in Arabic and they took that Arabic inspiration for the majestic behemoth that was LES DJINNS!!!

In Arabic “Les Djinns” means the spirits.  Muslims believe that some of the dead are still living although you can’t see them, albeit some people often do,  They are still in this world for some good reason and you must respect them and they are the Djinns! (Yes, a bit like The Sixth Sense).

Les Djinns was a track that they had originally concieved with my homie, DJ DISSE back in or about 2004.  Dj Disse was also responsible for another MONSTER, the Epic 10 minute long “EGYPTIAN DISCO”.  Man I murdered that tune and still find time to drop it into my sets, cause it’s just propa class and samples my good friend Hossam Ramzy.

Anyway, Les Djinns is based upon a sample of a “Jazz” track called “Turkish Showbiz” by a Turkish Jazz Musician who lived in Denmark, Atilla Engin.

Disse was kind enough to send me the original track, Turkish Showbiz, a few years back and it’s ultra-rare as the album that it came from was deleted a long time ago.

Anyway, the Djuma boyz also sent me the original (Belly Dance) version of the Les Djinns track that they did with Disse a few years back too and again it’s ultra-rare.

It’s this, Belly Dance version that is my personal favourite and I still to this very day, in the right circumstances, usually open my sets with that tune cause it just has an immense gravitational pulling power.

However, it was the TRENTEMOLLER remix of Les Djinns, which caused world-wide mayhem.

I always include it in a majority of my sets to this very day.   As I said it came out in or about 2004 but did not start catching on until 2006/2007 when it made it to those awful Ministry Of Sound & Pacha mix albums.  Those fake, plastic mixes totally ruined the track as it appeared in their mixes, wholly out of context in the mix!

There’s also a great Electro version of it too remixed by Swen Webber and so check that out too.

I remember at one time I use to open my sets with the original (Belly Dance) version of the track, play the Trentemoller remix mid-way through my set and include the Swen Webber remix towards the end!!!!!

It use to send peeps mega-crazy.  Guaranteed that by the end of the night I’d have a list of people waiting to ask me “WTF was that track you kept on playing”!

Anyway, here’s a vid of the Trentemoller version, man it’s still so, so, so SPECIAL – GREATEST DANCE TRACK EVER.

Check out their new mixtape below, after the vid.


01. dOP – Mambo Jumbo (Supplement Facts)
02. Gorge – Kassiande (Freerange records)
03. Jaxson & David Keno – Tout Le Temps (Kindisch)
04. Kaiser Disco – Que Ritmo (Style Rockets)
05. Alex Niggemann – El Hechizo – 8Bit Records
06. Worthy & Yankee Zulu – Concumbia (Anabatic Records)
07. Daniel Steinberg – Cry All Night (Supdub)
08. Jean Claude Ades and Vincent Thomas – Shingaling (VIET2 Hermano Mix) (Great Stuff)
09. Nemus & Little Nakoch – Fellas from Favelas (Balkan Connection)
10. Orbital – Impact (James Zabielas remix) (Warner)
11. Namito – Train To Teheran (Kling Klong)
12. &ME – +++ (Keinemusik)
13. Oliver Klein and Peter Juergens – Der Spatz Auf Dem Dach (Kling Klong)
14. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Melodrama (Oliver Huntemann remix) (Ostwind)

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