Well it was good fun last night on Paris based Waf Radio streaming/beaming (whateva u call it) from a secret location (hahahah) in Leicester, UK last night.

Here’s a clip of the last number of my set, the other 25 minutes is on a 90 minute segment in the archives but I won’t bother you with that, albeit it inlcudes tracks by Buraka Som Sistema, Schlachthofbronx, Toddla T, Celt Islam and others.

The rest of this clip is the beginning of the Bandish Projekt set and there’s a MEGA-LOOP on my last track as we await DJ Mayur’s entrance onto the decks.

It’s a little grainy and the Generation Bass visuals did not go to plan cause the guys did not have enough time to work on them as I was drafted in last minute for an impromtu set….well such is life……But it was GREAT FUN!!

Catch the rest of the Bandish set HERE


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