el senor mataza

We did a little piece on this young dude from Germany a little while back.  So here he is again, EL SENOR MATANZA (great name dude).

What I really admire about this young dude is his spirit and determination, here’s what he says:

Ok here is the Playlist for my second mixtape.   It turned out a bit more spacie and housie but I gotta say I like it tho.  Oh just fyi, lately I do all of my mixes on one cdj – 800, one Numark pro tt-2 and a really fucked behringer dx500.  Thats all I have, or can afford, so if the soundquality sucks I am sorry but oh well what can I do.

Admittedley, his equipment is a lil’ bit on the crap side, well, he says so himself. However, that does not stop him from trying man and creating something which for me was a “joy” to listen to and man you have to admire that.

I’m not sticking this mix up outta some sympathy for him!!! No, I’m sticking it up because it’s a bloody good mix and deserves to be here on MERIT.  It’s well constructed, he’s presented an original choice of tunes and man, the kid CAN MIX.   He’s a bloody good DJ!

Here’s what else he says and man I just gotta take my hat off to this kid:

Music has been part of my life ever since I can remember. There are tunes that bring back good memories, some that remind me weird moments and some that ll bring back some bad memories. The truth is music to me is an addiction, and I could listen to music 24/7, and sometimes I reckon THAT is fucking sick.

Dude, if it’s any consolation, that is sick but “SICK” in a cool/good way 🙂  Man, that’s why we’re here, MUSIC IS ESSENTIAL.  For me it’s the best fuckin’ therapy/drug/woman you could ever get!

So fear not my bro’, you’re not alone, we’re all here with you, all of us a bunch of fuckin’ MUSIC SICKO’S hahahahaha!!!!

Keep on mixing cause one day you might turn out to one of the world’s greatest dj’s..BELIEVE!!!

Ok , enough of me playing the father role (who does he think he is, BONO!!!) and on to the main action, El Senor Matanza’s great mix which fuckin’ rocks!


ElectroLatino in Space aka vol. 2 Tracklist

* Mr Raoul K – Le Karantkatrieme Peul
* Abonne – Bongo Space (Bjoern Scheurmann Remix)
* Anthony Collins & Brothers Vibe – Raw Vibes
* Livio & Roby vs Hipo – We Got E?s
* Elektrochemie – No. 19
* Reboot – Vandong
* Kevin Saunderson – The Human Bond (Claude VonStroke Rave Recognize
Rave Mix)
* Paul Ritch – Carrramba
* Pär Grindvik – Do Us Part (Len Faki Remix)
* Monika Kruse – Latin Lover
* Samim – Zleep
* Mihalis Safras – Billie Jean Remix

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