Here’s another great Cumbianized version of Fela Kuti’s seminal and classic track, “Shakara”.

If you recall, I posted another version earlier this year by Colombian Caribe star, Wganda Kenya, track back HERE but please note the link is broken.  I will have to upload it again soon.

Anyway got this version via Super Sonido but he was sent it from La Colmena De Humo who in turn grabbed it from Africolombia!!!!

hahahaha…who will pick it up next from here, if you do please be sure to keep this chain mentioned in your own post,, would love to see where that chain ends up in a few months time.

Anyway it’s a really cool version, perhaps not as good as the Wganda Kenya version or the Fela original but a great track to drop into a vintage cumbia set.

Lizandro Meza & Su Conjunto: Shacalao

To find out more about Lizandro Meza, you can read an interview HERE


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