That man SOLO along with Douster, Renaissance man and of course Jesse Rose & Riva Starr are fronting the new Tropical Grooves revolution.

Man that’s good news cause it’s a sound I’ve been championing in my dj sets since I started dj’ing.  African chants, Balkan breaks, Latin percussion, Tango & Mambo inflexions but this time fused with some heavy bass wonk & wobble, just my cuppa!

I already touched upon this on one of my previous posts when I presented to you my Tropical Mix round up with CARNIVALESQUE.

Well anyway, here’s Solo’s latest mix and there’s no major surprises in there, I think we all know a lot of these tracks!!  Maybe after his initial and quite brilliant Fabric mix a few months back, our man is running out of ideas?  I hope not.  Maybe it’s just that he wanted to quickly follow up the previous mix with another in the same vein…if it ain’t broke, it don’t need fixing…mentality.

I’m not sure that the alternative genre drop in segments work this time as well as they did in the first mix.  Like the way the Wutang Clan is dropped in here between Juan Magan and the Mastikoul remix, sounds kind of like just lazily dropped in without any real connection or link.

However, it’s interesting to see names like Dario Nunez & Juan Magan crop up in this mix as they’ve both made some mega tunes over the past few years.  I always thought they were both sadly overlooked.

Their tunes are not groundbreaking or anything like that but just brilliant to drop into a Tropical DJ set, what we formerly referred to as a Global House or Grooves DJ set.  In other words, a “safe bet” that they will work where it matters most…onna da dancefloor 🙂

Man I love that Round Table Knights track, it’s a decent track but I love it more for the concept.  That it might be bringing bellydancing back onto the dancefloor.

Also finally great to see Dunklebunt’s La Revedere in there, albeit it’s a cover by somebody else.

So, it’s all good man and I’m a happy bunny with this new tropical revolution, let’s hope it stays around for a little while longer.



01 T.Green- “Kitch in”

02 Quintino- “Heaven” – Belocca Dub Remix

03 Coolshop- “Trumpet girl” – J.Magan Remix

04 Wutang Clan- “Shimmy shimmy”

05 Bss- “Aqui pra voces”- Mastiksoul Rmx

06 V.Vera&Mijail- “Jungler”

07 Dario Nunez- “Work this pussy”

08 Solo- “Minimood”

09 Sebastien Leger- “Le Moustique”

10 Round Table Knights- “Belly Dance”- Mowgli Remix

11 Cerrone&Diaz- ” Another last cigarette”

12 Danelectro- “Let them come”

13 Vonstroke & J.Martin- “Beat that bird”

14 Swizz Beatz- “It’s me bitches”

14 Crookers- “Put your head on me” – Solo Remix

15 Gipsy Beats- “La Revedere”

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