Anybody who knows me knows I’ve been like one of the biggest Led Zeppelin fans since about the age of 9 🙂

Anyway, I stumbled across this remix/cover/f*** up a few weeks ago.

Some dude called HOLLYWOOD F.L.O.S.S. manages to really screw up this number.  It’s a version of Led Zeppelin’s track “All of My Love” from their final studio album, In Through The Outdoor.  I mean the first half ain’t bad and is kind of semi-ok but then he really manages to screw it up when the John Paul Jones keyboard solo kicks in, it’s so bad it’s unbelievable.

It’s a song quite personal to Robert Plant as it’s about his son Karac who sadly died from a respiratory infection aged 6 years of age back in the mid 70’s (Karac R.I.P).  Man being a father myself, I just cannot imagine what he must have went through.  The track is a gorgeous ode to him and also one of my favourite Led Zeppelin tracks.

Anyway, check out this really boshed up attempt for yourselves as it makes for some good humour but also be sure to check out the original version.



  1. I’d really like to know how he’s able to do that legally. It’s far more than sampling and there is NO WAY that Jimmy Page would authorize the song’s use, especially for that kind of abomination.

    1. Hey Angie, it has not been authorized, it’s just some guy dicking about with it, no official release or anything like that…Jimmy would never dream of authorizing anything like this 🙂

  2. We over at Mavis Mgmt REALLY appreciate the press on Hollywood Floss’ version of the Led Zeppelin sample.

    Being a fan of Led Zeppelin it was used as a tribute (in ways) to theyr great artistry. unfortunately everybody can not be pleased…HOWEVER, that track is actually one that has gotten HW Floss alot of notice and positive responses (Over 75 internet, magazine, & newspaper writeups since Jan 09 and two Houston Press Music Award nominations).

    And for those concerned about legal rights? Its perfectly fine for mixtape use, as long as it is not sold for financial gain (was released under a promotional mixtape).

    Thank you kindly and we hope you’ll be open minded enough to check out some more of his music.


    Mavis Mgmt
    (Hollywood Floss’ manager)

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