Although we were also sent info on this straight from MAD DECENT, I’m gonna use it straight from one of my favourite blogs, BOOTLEGUMACHINE to join in with him celebrtaing his 100th post.

Nice one mate and long may it continue.

Thats right kids!, when it seems that there was an “excess” of Hold The Line remixes available , well, be ready for a new wave of brand new remixes, because of the new remix contest, not for 1, or 2 of the tracks, no no… im talking about 3 of them!!!. Now you got the chance to win the MAJOR LAZER remix contest, that great duo formed by SWITCH and DIPLO, but thats not all, if you are a designer also there is a chance to “remix” the artwork for the MAJOR LAZER, and win some juicy prices, so click the link and check it out!.

Also i just want to thanks everybody reading this, and thats because this is the POST NUMBER 100!, so thank you all people who spend some time reading my regular non-sense posts (mostly irregular i got to say), and everybody who support the music published in here, also i got to thanks my best buddies blogs as COOLIADO and GENERATION BASS, always supporting with kick ass music, some claps in the shoulders, and the coolest vibe in the blogosphere! THANKS !!!



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