Straight from The Fader

Kid Daytona raps on this track like he is lounging in a turtle-shaped innertube in a sparkling pool drinking a daiquiri: so chillaxed he don’t give a fuuhhhh (and certainly cannot be bothered to finish the consonants on the end of his curse). He is not going back to Cali, because he is already the human embodiment of Cali. It’s a languorous drawl, and deeply enticing on Nick Catchdubs’ wobbly reimagining of “Paypur,” the guttural morning-after counterpoint to Udachi and Jubilee’s original ramped-up rave playdate, though both sound like you’re on vacation. It’s just that this one’s laudanem-addled synth barks on the chorus twerk like QBert on a c-walk, as Daytona packs enough swag to reference “UberTwitter” without sounding like a total hoser. Incidentally, you can now cop the entire “Paypur” single here, including a jizillion remixes for your every whim, most using that awesomely infallible synth descent.

Download: Udachi & Jubilee, “Paypur (Nick Catchdubs RMX f. Kid Daytona)”

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