That’s our main man Frederic Galliano nestled in between the African Divas which formed part of his previous project a little while back.

Of course in the past few years he has been immersed in the KUDURO scene. Indeed, as I said a while back on a feature about him HERE, he is rightfully regarded as being one of the first, if not the first, westerner(s) to champion Kuduro music and bring it over here to western ears.  Hence, why he is regarded as the GODFATHER OF KUDURO in the West.

I just wish some of the current Kuduro hipsters on the scene would acknowledge his influence in this respect a little bit more at times.

I know Toy Selectah has at times experienced a similar disservice in connection with the history of Nu-Cumbia.

I, for one, think it’s only fair that tastemakers like Frederic and Toy should be rightfully afforded their deserved respect, well for being there first.  Some acknowledgment of that is always important cause man it’s hard work and also sacrificial bringing new foreign genres to home shores.

Man if it was easy we’d all be doing it wouldn’t we but it’s not at the best of times.  Plus they have both caressed it with love and a passion and not treated it as a fashion statement or some passing fad or exploited it for their own selfish needs!

Anyway, we’re going to be bringing you loads more about Fred’s current KUDURO SOUND SYSTEM project very soon and trust me it’s gonna BE BIG AND VERY SPECIAL!!!!

For now, we can offer you a remix that he did a little while back of Bang Bang that was especially commissioned by DIPLO.  Yes, I know we’ve heard 100’s of different remixes of that track but man listen to this one by Fred as he gives it a Funky Tropical African flava.  Man I love the bassline on this baby, which kinda reminds me of Fela Kuti.

Plus it’s an EXCLUSIVE BITCH!!

Rye Rye – BANG BANG (Frederic Galliano Remix)

Whilst we’re here, some links to our main man which I would highly recommend you to check out.  For some of you it might turn out to be your own min-history lesson in modern African music tastemakers, with the greatest of respect.






    1. Dude it’s not always about the mix, it’s about the tunes…..and being the first to bring the tunes…….I did not say he was a great technical dj but that he’s a great modern african music taste-maker.

      Anyway, thanks for that info.

  1. Grand Master Flash, Luie Vega ,Reiner Truby, Goldie, and many other originators that did not have those skills.

    Yet they originated new styles and trends.

  2. Hey Dan, since 16 years I’m Dj all around the world and my technic is still poor, i know that, I just play and mix in the right tempo, clean mixed without scratches or others extravagant things. I have no problem with this poor technic cause for me, musical selection is more important during a dj set than other things. Cause, great technic with a bad music, is still a bad moment. Just great for contest and battle dj’s. But unfortunately, last night, I was in Berlin Area to play only Kuduro, and I agree, 1 hour of Kuduro is little bit hard to listen, but it was the profil selection for this night. Next time in Berlin, Dan, come to talk and drink a beer to have a cool time to talk.

    1. That response is from a great DJ who is humble and willing to accept criticism….He does not go around claiming to be the world’s best dj or anybody important…..he just does what he believes in and that to my mind is a GREAT DJ….

      Claude Challe is my all-time favourite DJ but he cannot mix for toffee but what he did touched me beyond any DJ with the best mixing skills in the world….

      David Mancuso, the GODFATHER of all DJ’S does not fact he plays a track from start to finish…pauses for applause and then plays the next track…

      It’s ALL about the tunes, selection and sequencing……a dj who can do that greatly will always be a greater dj than one that can mix but who has poor tunes, bad selection and no idea about sequence…

      Plus, sometimes DJ’s have bad nights, we all do, it is possible that you caught Mr Galliano on a bad night and perhaps your expectations were unrealistic too.

      Kuduro is a bitch to mix anyway 🙂

      Mixing don’t matter….the music you choose to play matters more.

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