akwaaba sem transporte-final

So here it is, my promo Kuduro mix for AKWAABA MUSIC.

It’s been ready for a few weeks now and will go up on the Akwaaba website and as a podcast.

Ben from Akwaaba wanted to call it the “Back to school, get yo’ shit together mix” and so hence it’s title 😉

Essentially, it’s a mini-mix of all of the tracks from the SEM TRANSPORTE album.  My mix takes around 2 minutes of each track and was mixed in real time on my CDJ’s to give it a “live” feel cause that’s just the way I like it.



  1. Paracuca – F4
  2. Cara Podre – Puto Prata
  3. In The Building – Gelu-Six
  4. Tiramakossa (Killamu Remix) – Noite E Dia
  5. Tiramakossa – Noite E Dia
  6. Number One – Fofando & Saborosa
  7. Ta Maluca -Puto Portugues & Nacobeta
  8. Ze Bula – Figura
  9. Mamandumba – Chefe Kamone
  10. Respeitem – Agua G
  11. Não Ta Se Entender – Dred Man-Gi feat Nell
  12. Vem Ca – Os + Potentes
  13. Desbunda (remix) – Zoca Zoca
  14. Sucesso – Vagabanda
  15. Som do Zoca – Zoca Zoca

Mastered by TANOX MUSIC –www.myspace.com/tanoxmusic

You can buy the AKWAABA MUSIC Kuduro compilation from I-TUNES HERE

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