The lovely Daysha from the BASSNECTAR camp has finally allowed us to drop this beauty.

Having been a loyal and vintage Bassnectar-head for quite some time now and also having the foresight to see his potential world domination almost 6 years ago, of course the EP was sent to me a little while back.

I remember one of my first posts on this blog was about my main man and I can also recall his reaction to seeing it:


amazing man!
did u send this to daysha?


Sorry bro’ who’s Daysha?


Daysha is my online ops manager…she oversees the site, the amorphous music distro, etc:)   I CCd her, can yu pass on that gorgeous blog yu sent me?

AND SO THAT’S HOW I GOT TO KNOW DAYSHA 😉 and man she’s lovely.

Of course, with greater success it becomes more difficult for an artist to stay personally in touch with his fan base/admirers and that’s one of the unfortunate costs of success.

Bassnectar is one of those “rare” artists who would, if he had the time, stay in touch and speak with all of his fans/admirers cause he’s just that type of guy, down to earth, accommodating, hospitable and genuinely embarrassed by the level of his own success….he is HUMBLE.  I love him even more for that.

I mean, a few years back, the guy even went out of his way to do an instrumental track for one of my projects cause I could not use the vocal one which contained an illegal sample.  Just because he knew I wanted that track so much on one of my commercial compilation releases.

Even DIPLO has now woken up and has recently publicly stated that Bassnectar is his favourite DJ!!!

Anyway, I think that’s enough genuine love (or arse-licking for some) for today and on to the main point of this post.

COZZA FRENZY (original mix) is now available for a free download here.  It’s an immense track, like GODZILLA destroying all before him, an epic of monstrous proportions.


The remixes kick some serious ass too.  In fact all the versions of this track are so good that I’m always at a loss to decide which one I should play when I DJ.  So often I’ll end up playing all 3 side by side 😉

You can grab the remixes at Beatport or HERE.

Even better, you can grab a BASSNECTAR DJ Tools Pack and try to pretend to be lil’ Bassnectar’s yourself or use parts of it to create your own vibe!

You can grab the DJ TOOLS PACK HERE.  You know, I think DIPLO was one of the first to go and buy one 🙂

Finally, the full album drops on September 27th and THAT IS A DATE FOR YOUR WALLET TO BE RE-UNITED WITH THE WORDS “PURCHASE THAT MF”!

So why you still here, reading this, get over there and grab that MINT!


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