[It is Dubstep Monday but this particular post today is not exclusively dubstep, it has elements of dubstep but also of glitch, idm, electro, house, world, movie score and classical].

K2, the second highest mountain in the world in my ancestral home, KASHMIR (yes, KASHMIR is a (disputed) Country and not just one of the greatest ever LED ZEPPELIN songs).

It is so inaccessibly remote in the Karakorum mountains, that very few human beings have ever seen it.

An enormous glacier flows from the south face of K2 called the Godwen-Austen glacier, which meets another huge glacier flowing from a mountain called Baltoro Tengri.  The confluence of these glaciers is known to mountaineers as “Concordia”.

It is the consensus of the world’s professional mountaineering community that at Concordia is the single spot of greatest scenery on planet earth.


So, it’s the second highest mountain in the world but within a confluence of glaciers regarded as the single spot of greatest scenery on planet earth and very few people have seen it.

So what does all this information have to do with the BANDISH PROJEKT?

Well, there is a great analogy that could be drawn, well at least in my mind between this info on K2 and this Bandish Projekt DJ mix and so let’s break it down:

This is the single most beautiful mix ever.  Up until this point, very few people have heard this mix.  Plus it is the second best mix ever but not the first.

Hence, why this is the K2 mix and not the Mount Everest Mix.  DJ Mayur has yet to create the Mount Everest Mix but believe me, it will come, one day!

That is the analogy!

This mix is to me like a DIVINE MUSICAL REVELATION.


There’s a few very stark moments that I can readily recount in my life when I have been emotionally touched by the sheer astounding beauty transmitted through music.  Those moments really messed with my whole being and influenced a change within me.  This mix is one of those moments.

IMHO, this mix by Mayur demonstrates why he is the world’s best DJ.

He is A “fucking” 1.

I don’t care what the bullshit dj polls say, who DJ mag puts at No.1 in it’s bullshit DJ 100.  I don’t care who Diplo or Switch regard as the best in the world.  I don’t give a crap who testicles is, I mean who Tiesto is.  All I know is that if a DJ was to be judged upon 1 mix, this guy is the world’s no.1, even if it’s only in my mind, he’s A1!, Top Dog, THE DADDY!

I have witnessed with my own eyes what this dude can do and that confirms my opinion to me.

This 30 minute mix is not only technically and musically perfect but it is also emotionally draining, intellectually stimulating and audibly beautiful!

It is not a bangin’ club mix but it BANGS.  It is not a mix you would automatically think of putting on to dance to but it will make you dance.

Upon first listen, it may not be a mix which you may feel lives up to MY HYPE.

However, I urge you to listen to it again, again and again and then you might just understand where I’m coming from.

It was first “Publicly” aired on my homie, Bobby Friction’s BBC radio show earlier this year BUT, me being me, I had it even before then 🙂

In all fairness to Bobby though, man he’s been championing this band for almost 6 years now.  Plus if it were not for him playing their music on his show, I would never have heard of the Bandish Projekt.

Here’s what Bobby said after the mix was aired on his show:

“We’re just sitting here with our jaws hitting the floor…..that was like a seminal moment of this show…..I’m speechless…..that was beyond a mix…..”

It is now here, it it’s full un-edited glory and clean of all the BBC spiel!

I can’t say anymore and you just have to listen.  It’s simply the best MF download you’ll ever download for a verrrry long time and you’ll come back to it time after time after time.

Thanks to Mayur, my friend and my spiritual brother, who goes back to Mumbia in a few days time.  I will miss you.



You know I played this mix again last night just to reassure myself that I was right in what I have written above.  You know what, man that mix just gets better with every new listen.  I’m always discovering something new and different in it every single time.


    1. Thanks Ben & Kiran, it’s a question of taste and opinions and of course personal preference.

      Each person would say something different.

      What amazes me about this mix is not only the emotional content but what this guy did to those tracks, multi-layering of samples but executed to perfection…it’s basically a whole mash up track-almost and I’ve heard and seen him do something very similar (but not as complex) to this LIVE on CDJ’S not on a laptop!!!

  1. Thanks a lot for this one and for all the stuff i never thanked you guys for!

    Is there any tracklist of this mix around? I assure not, because it’s that sample ‘n multilayer-based as you said, but it’s worth asking isn’t it?

    Tnx again!

  2. I think its beautiful to hear the tides change. All these years as a first generation south asian living in the western world we told the east what a the modern soundscape of south asia should sound like and now finally the mother land “bharat” is speaking back to us through the musicianship of Mayur. These Electro Indian Producers have just arrived at the foothills and will one day soon, maybe tomorrow be sitting on top of the Everest.

  3. as alwyz, mayur takes us to high like he’s been doing to us here in ahmedabad…
    he is the best w/o ne doubts…
    i’ve grown up listenin to bandish i guess its almost 7 years as of nw n still cant gt nuff of it…
    i remember all my fellas were literally screamin in th last gig, th 3rd edition of bandish nites and all the dj’s out there gttn frustrated tht why, why cant thy jus make or play or make th floor go on fire like mayur did.
    n trust me he almost made th dance floor burn out wid screams on every act.

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