[Boy, wouldn’t you love to get your dirty pilfering hands on that vinyl in the background]

You know, we’ve had Frederic Galliano sending us his first ever Kuduro mix “exclusively”, mind, and now we have Daniel Haaksman, label chief, head honcho, leading Baile Funk innovator in the West sending everybody his 2006 classic Baile Funk mix.

C’mon Diplo, Switch, Shantel and others where are yours….hahahaha

Anyway, Daniel Haaksman also needs to be given his due credit for being one of the first in the West to bring over Baile Funk from the Favela’s of Brazil.  So I suppose he’s the Godfather of Baile Funk in the West!

Man, the Godfather list is growing.  I think I”ll need to add a Godfather’s section on the blog next to the “Special Ladies” section.  I’ll do that when I get back from Holland :-0

Anyway, Mr Haaksman started up the MAN RECORDINGS label way back in 2005  when some of you were still only learning that Rio was a big city in Brazil…hahahha.

However, prior to setting up Man Recordings, Mr Haaksman was involved in Essay Recordings with his then partner Shantel (yes, the Balkan Bucovina guy).  He was responsible for the “Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats 1 & 2” compilations on that label which came out in 2004.

Our man Dan has been responsible for burgeoning a wealth of new talent, some of whom have gone on to take the dance world by storm, Crookers, Edu K, Ku Bo, Mc Gringo, DJ Sandrinho, Count & Sinden, DJ Amazing Clay, Deize Tigrona and the list goes on and on.

So a man of GREAT influence which has not abated to this very day.

Baile Funk has always suffered with the chief criticism that it has always been pretty one-dimensional, like Kuduro and some other genres.  However, what our man Dan has done is to bring innovation into that one-dimensional sound by fusing it with Electro & Fidget.  Pretty much what Buraka Som Sistema did with Kuduro.

Man, I ain’t no expert on Daniel Haaksman but like Toy Selectah, Frederic Galliano, Diplo, Shantel, Switch and some others, he is a name that always crops up when any discussion on Global Dance Music arises.  He’s one of the DONS!

Anyway, great that Dan chose to share one of his classic mixes and the world’s a better place for it!

Thank you Mr Haaksman!

Daniel Haaksman FUNK LEGAL by Daniel Haaksman


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