These guys run a blog called LA FAMILY DUB and I got to know them when they left a nice comment on my Generation Bass post at Crashroots, bigging up my post and also inviting me to check out their blog.

Anyway, they’ve put together this very HOT mix containing Bhangra music and it’s great to see this role reversal.  Cause these guys are based in Mexico yet they’re putting out an Indian music inspired mixtape.

Well my roots are Kashmiri but I’m putting out Cumbia, Kuduro and other mixtapes…..hahahha and Sonido Del Principe is Dutch yet he’s putting our Cumbia releases.

So I guess now I know how weird that might seem to some people!  But, as cliched as this might sound, music transcends nationalities, backgrounds and faiths and has no colour, the beauty of music!

Must be something in the water in Mexico cause Toy Selectah was doing Indian music mash ups years ago man, that’s how I first heard of him 🙂

Anyway, man it’s a great mix and so check it out for yourself and download it below.

La Family Dub – “Hot As Curry” Mixtape by lafamilydub

01. Killin’ Macarena (Intro)
02. DJ Pico & DJ Damri R. Row – Apne (Illusion remix)
03. Apache Indian – Shackle & Chain
04. Bally Sagoo – Mera Laung Vacha
05. Tigerstyle – Nachne Nu Dil Ta feat. Kaka Bhainiawala
06. Various Illegalized – ?
07. Dalvinder Singh, Kingsley Campbell, Tarli Digital – Sarri Raat (Insomniaac Refix)
08. Hardkaur – Supawoman
09. Dance 2 The End Vol. 4 – Sharaabi Akh
10. DJ Pico & DJ Damri R. Row – Channa Ve Channa (Illusion remix)
11. Apache Indian with El feco & Wil Guice – Throw Your Hands Up
12. Tigerstyle – Balle! Sjava! Feat. Vybz Kartel, Mangi Mahal & Nikita
13. Mumzy, Rishi Ricj, Taz Stereo Nation – Larl Larl Buleeya
14. Sat-Rang – Bhangra Bad
15. Apache Indian – Chok There

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