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Fresh off tours in the United States and Europe and welcomed by 5,000+ at his own homecoming party, Montreal’s pioneering beat maker, Poirier, is unwilling to slow down. Run The Riddim, his second, and latest, EP installment (the first being Soca Sound System) in what will be a three-part series from Ninja Tune, is hitting the streets running with an up-to-the-time selection of wicked dancehall reggae vibes and uptempo beats. Known for his deft mixing of electro and worldly rhythms, on Run The Riddim Poirier brings forward veteran Jamaican deejay, Burro Banton, alongside the newest dancehall vocalist du jour from across the pond in YT, as well as singjay MC Zulu and longtime collaborator, Face-T. An album that will ram the dance floor in any language, club deejays and dancehall selectors beware, Run The Riddim is ready to run the dance.

“Enemies” is the first out of the gate on which Poirier’s signature big bass sound and pointed, percussive beats go toe to toe with Face-T’s patois-infused lyrical jabs. Tested ‘round the world to unanimous, bodywhining results, the back and forth between these two musical heavyweights is as much fun to listen to as it is a dance hit. Without losing a step, the deejay Burro Banton draws from equal parts rude boy and seductive Jamaican slang to make a powerful statement on “Trust None Of Dem”. Burro’s rough and ready style is an ideal foil to Poirier’s creeping, ominous bassline, which, under Poirier’s original audio arrangement, reach an infectious crescendo in perfect tandem. MC Zulu links up with Poirier to establish a flirty groove on “Gyal Secret Pictures” in which Zulu’s playful storyline teases on top of and all around Poirier’s bouncy, bass driven riddim. And Necessary Mayhem Records recording artist, YT, whose work with Curtis Lynch (dubbed the King Jammys of the UK) has produced the most critically acclaimed productions out of Europe in recent memory, adds his original sound to Poirer’s eclectic, 100+ bpm approach, for a seriously cool and deadly effort. Called “Let Them Hate”, YT and Poirier cross the finish line with one foot in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica while the other takes over dance floors worldwide.

The second in Poirier and Ninja Tune’s innovative three-part series, Run The Riddim is the highly anticipated sequel to Soca Sound System EP, a creative mash up showcasing Poirier’s ear for electronic exuberance mixed with carnivalesque jump-and-wave riddims. The latest, however, confirms not only Poirier’s charismatic Caribbean/electronique artistry, but also solidifies a critical link to the dancehalls of Kingston, New York and London for selectors to run with. The third and final installment, Low Ceiling, is slated for an October 2009 release and will expose Poirier’s distinct ‘Karnival’ style. Consisting of straight up instrumentals, Low Ceiling’s electro beats and choice Caribbean riddims (at normal, i.e. ‘low’, speed mind you)—from soca to reggae to dancehall—will be the crucial link between the Soca Sound System and Run The Riddim EPs. Early 2010, the series is wrapped, with each EP collected and packaged in a special 2-disc set entitled Running High, enhanced by killer new material, versions and remixes. But don’t wait, run come now for Run The Riddim.

Run the Riddim, will be out on sept 28th. The digital version is already on sale (ITunes, Junodownload, TurntableLab).

Enemies feat Face-T


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Upcoming tours include Brasil, Mexico, Europe + CMJ & Pop Montreal performances!

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  1. Yes, it’s a great album.. love it, just like the soca sound system ep!! GhisDeGhis is a basssss-hero. Hope the vinyl arrives soon in the mail. Everybody should check out his Bounce Le Gros-series

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