Ok, some of you have been asking for some DUNKELBUNT and now we finally have some LEGIT new music from him.

Austria’s Dunkelbunt is probably one of the first Balkan influenced producers to incorporate hip hop with Balkan vybz as he did so successfully on his Chocolate Butterfly EP.

Now his new album is here called “Raindrops and Elephants”.  I’ve heard it already and it’s really classy stuff.  Here’s what the press release says about the album:

With “Raindrops and Elephants“ [dunkelbunt] applied his passion for blending to selected Piranha original tracks and transformed them into a fresh, summery, Mediterranean-flavoured whole; electronica á la ragga, dub and house paired with rap, singing and samples. The geographical origins of the selected Piranha artists are as wide spread as their associated musical genres. These include Cape Verde (Simentera), Albania (Fanfare Tirana), Serbia (Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar), New York (Frank London Klezmer Brass Allstars), Marseille (Watcha Clan) and Egypt (Jalilahs Raks Sharki).

So, Wow, there you go, a diverse range of genres and musical styles all on one offering and given the unique Dunkelbunt treatment.  You just know it’s class personified.

You can grab the album from the following places/links:


Most Amazon stores


For now, here’s another version of the classic “Cinnamon Girl” featuring the brilliant Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestra, courtesy of the Dunkelbunt camp 🙂

Cinnamon Girl [Roskilde Edit]


  1. hip hop with Balkan vybz –
    Shantel and Bucovina Club was def. first to do that, that was: Electric Gypsy Land circa 2003

    1. Yeah man, I have that, it was one of the first Balkan cd’s alongside Goran Bregovic that I had but I honestly can’t remember any hip hip on that at all….unless I skipped it, which is always a possibility.

  2. I’ve gotta check it, it could be different CD .
    Oh yeah that track wiyh B. club was the “Carolina ” kinda hip hopish

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