Met my homies and watched them perform live for the first time last weekend at the Generation Bass festival.  Well, we stuck these guys in a commercial kind of bar cause we wanted the handbag house gals and boyz to feel some real GHETTOTECH.

The boyz pulled it off big stylee.  They could pull it off anywhere in the world in front of any audience in my opinion and that to me is a sign of a GREAT band.

After the gig myself, Vince, DJ Beware & Motorpitch and the Globalibre boyz, Axel & Oliver had some good fun with the Sch-Bronx boyz as we all stood in the middle of a central street in Tilburg at around 4.00 am in the morning exchanging humourous banalities.

More on the festie later.

As a leaving gift, the boyz gave me a vinyl copy of their new album which had the special privilege of being my only hand luggage on the flight home alongside Filastine, James Kirby, Cooly G and Wouter Jasper cd’s.  Man that VINYL is going to take pride and place alongside my finest vinyl collection.

So the new SCHLACHTHOFBRONX album finally comes out on CD/VINYL from this Friday 25 September 2009.  The Digital release is already out and you can grab that from the links below.

Man if you don’t grab an “official” copy of this CLASSIC album then you simply should NOT BE READING THIS BLOG!

The album features

—> south african badmans straight outta jo’burg (spoek mathambo & bigspace are slush puppy kids)
—> associated local gangbangers (ron foto)
—> everyones favourite bavarian & balkan brass chapels (g.rag & die landlergschwister + kein vorspiel)
—> faboulus singers from mali (ete kelly + mic mo)
—> costaricans in munichs diaspora (doubla j)
—> and of course all kinds of lasers, sirens, airhorns and ridiculous basslines!

As a prelude to the album dropping the Schlachthofbronx boyz are offering “yet” another FREE DOWNLOAD!  A brilliant one too but then again the whole album  is just a “CLASSIC”.



juno downloads:
bigger shoplinklist, updated regularely:


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